The Battle of Lockouts: Fob Keys VS Normal Keys

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Keys, like all electrical devices on the market, are getting more complex, technical, and intelligent than ever before. Electronic access systems improve the security and monitoring of locks and entryways. Key fobs are most often utilized in automotive remote keyless entry systems today. However, the technology has far-reaching uses. Although fob keys are more popular in the automobile world, and you may end up calling your car key locksmith pretty often, these keys are used for commercial and home locks too! 

What is a Key Fob? 

A key fob is a small portable remote control device used to operate a keyless entry system. It is programmed with a chip and usually is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. 

What is a Normal Key?

A normal or mechanical key is a traditional metal key. It has the advantage of being simple and dependable. Metal is a long-lasting material, and a well-cut key that is properly cared for will survive for years. 

So let’s discuss the differences between the two types of keys and how they weigh out against each other. 

Technology and maintenance 

To begin with, normal keys have no batteries or technological components to replace. Mechanical keys have the disadvantage of not being as convenient as smart key fobs. Additionally, lock barrels can wear smooth with time, and mechanical keys might become broken. However, a car key locksmith will come to your rescue whenever this happens.


It’s a lot more difficult for car thieves to steal or clone a mechanical key than it is to amplify a signal and copy a fob key. But that being said, physical keys can be lost and copied to gain unwanted access, but a misplaced key fob can be remotely deactivated.

When a fob is misplaced, it is simple to reprogram key fobs and locks, saving the money and inconvenience of physically replacing locks. Just call a locksmith El Cajon to get you sorted! Many security mechanisms are a part of today’s key fobs to prevent their signals from being intercepted and then copied. Most key fobs employ pseudo-random sequence generators to send a new unlock sequence each time. Because the RFID system in the key fob is programmed to the same sequence, the new code will activate the lock, but an old code captured and duplicated from it will not.


One main advantage of a key fob is that it provides complete convenience. You can lock and unlock the car, unlock and possibly even open the boot, and if you have a smart key system, the car can even be started. All you have to do is keep the key on you, and the automobile will detect your presence. In case your fob key isn’t working just get in touch with a locksmith camp Pendleton or a La Jolla locksmith and you will get assistance right away.

Key fobs make unlocking a vehicle or anything else with an electronic lock system exceedingly quick and easy. They can also help persons with disabilities who find it difficult to turn a physical key. Getting a locksmith car key replacement is also super easy.

Physical keys are not only a possible security issue, but they are also inconvenient to carry around if multiple distinct points of access are required. 

More than Just a Key 

A key fob can be used for much more than just operating automotive systems. When a system requires a convenient portable control mechanism, a key fob can be an excellent alternative. This is because several key fobs can be programmed to communicate with the same reader via an open-access platform. So your chances of getting locked out are automatically reduced.

One typical usage for open-access key fobs is to create secure access systems for buildings that do not require the use of actual keys. Garage door openers and other small domestic devices that require a remote control are another popular application for remote key fobs. Key fob enclosures are suitable for these common applications due to their compact, pocket-sized design, and their security features help keep houses safer.

As you can see, there are several advantages and disadvantages of both types of keys. But either way, all you need to do is contact a La Jolla locksmith in case you are locked out.

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